About us

The Lithuanian Police Forensic Science Centre (LPFSC)

The Lithuanian Police Forensic Science Centre (LPFSC) is a specialized police institution that provides comprehensive scientific technical assistance to the officials of the pre-trial investigation institutions of the state in the investigation of criminal activities and in carrying out their prevention. Specialists of the LPFSC have the following functions:

  • performing crime scene examination; finding, registering and collecting evidence of criminal activities and marks left in the crime scene, as well as other objects of significance for the disclosure and investigation of crimes;
  • performing laboratory examination of criminal evidence and other objects by using scientific examination equipment and modern examination methods;
  • collecting and managing central databases and collections and using them in the investigation of criminal activities.

The quality management system is implemented in the laboratories of the LPFSC and the most frequently used examination methods have been accredited in accordance to international standard ISO 17025. You can find the accreditation scope here: hwww.nab.lt.

Last updated: 16-10-2017